Does it matter how you wash and care for your clothes?

Yes, it matters how you wash and care for your clothes. It matters for the environment and for the longevity of your clothes. In fact, the longer your clothes “live” and the longer you use them, the more sustainable they are. 

I know that this way of thinking doesn't sell massive quantities, but I honestly think that it is about time, that we put an end to the "use & throw" mentality and actually put an effort into handling our clothes properly.

Let's use the term "Slow Washing". We put a lot of energy into the laundry instructions in our clothes and on the card, you receive when you buy a Seamless Basic product, and really, If you wash and care for our clothes in a good way, they will last longer and you will also leave a lighter footprint on nature. 

A few care tips for you:

  • Wash less, wear for longer. Freshen up your clothes by hanging them outside. 
  • Follow the washing and care instructions in the garments carefully.
  • Do not use fabric softeners and detergents containing bleach or enzymes. Try to use organic detergents made especially for silk and wool. They can easily be used for cotton as well.
  • Wash on reduced time and low temperature. Washing machines clean just as effectively at lower temperatures and on less time.
  • The fibers of the soft, delicate Silk, Merino Wool, and Cotton fabrics of Seamless Basic only need washing at 30℃ on the gentle wool/silk program. The normal cotton wash programs are too hard on your clothes even at 30℃ and the speed is too high. 
  • Use a washing bag.
  • Don't use the tumble dryer. 
  • Make better washing habits a daily thing. 

What's not to like!